We have been recommended by “la Repubblica” in its ‘Guide to Taste and Pleasure in Lazio – Walks and Trails, 2022’.

We would like to inform you with great pleasure the restaurant il Matriciano has been recommended in la Repubblica’s ‘Guide to taste and pleasure – Lazio – Walks and Trails 2022’.

The new guide of la Repubblica takes the reader along 43 routes on foot, wandering through Rome and the five provinces of Lazio, exploring history and nature including exciting walks for expert hikers and also simpler paths for beginners. They pass through the ancient alleys of the capital city to the Sabina mountains, from the coast of the Pontino to the valleys of Ciociara right up to the villages of Tuscia and also on to the landscapes of the Castelli Romani.

 The words of Giuseppe Cerasa, Director of La Repubblica Guides, open this edition: « Discovering the world on foot has now become almost a way of life. Just think of what it means to do this in Lazio. Try and imagine the added bonus of all the beauty that surrounds us, what it means to be able to reach out and steep yourself in hundreds of years of history, step after step, seeing what was the of Roman way of life, feeling the Renaissance and Medieval times, seeing the buildings and parks that created the history of Italy. Then imagine, travelling out of Rome and passing through the villages, admiring rivers and lakes or following the trails of the countryside and mountains or even the paths that run along the sea and the coast of Lazio».

The President of the region of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti adds: «The Repubblica Guide accompanies us on a fascinating journey also thanks to the written contributions of exceptional authors and sports celebrity endorsements. This region, which is varied and open to everyone, is revealed. Tourism that is mindful of the environment can positively change our region making it more functional and accessible. The beauty of the landscapes, the produce and traditions will reinforce the economy and create widespread work and wellbeing».

Perusing this guide of over 380 pages, the reader will encounter 4 precious pieces written by: Fulvio Abbate who maps out urban itineraries among the Gianicolo forts; Giulia Carcasi who describes the Ghost village of Monterano, in the Viterbo area; Antonio Pascale who explores the 7 villas in the city of Rome; Lidia Ravera who bases her piece along the Via Francigena.

An entire chapter is dedicated to writers’ itineraries. Simona Quadarella, Antonella Palmisano, Caterina Banti, Ambra Sabatini, Daniele Lupo, five notable Italian sports celebrities, in unedited interviews, recommend their favorite walks from Castel Sant’Angelo to Villa Borghese, from Colosseo Quadrato to Castel Porziano right up to Fregene.

Ad hoc chapters tread, stage by stage respectively, the 7 trails of Lazio and the 36 paths of the 5 provinces of the region.

Each place is accompanied by advice on where to eat, sleep and shop, thanks to profiles that provide the addresses and locations of 476 restaurants, pizzerias e places to eat and 130 b&bs, hotels and other charismatic residences. Concluding the guide is a chapter dedicated to wine producers, recommending 32 companies.

The guide is available at bookshops, on Amazon, Ibs and on the Gedi digital store 

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We have been recommended by “la Repubblica” in its ‘Guide to Taste and Pleasure in Lazio – Walks and Trails, 2022’.