One of the best Roman cuisine restaurants since 1911

Over 100 Years of Tradition

The history of Il Matriciano is the same as that of the owner’s family; for 4 generations the Colasanti dedicated their entire lives to this restaurant, driven by the passion for food and conviviality, constantly seeking out the best-quality ingredients.
Il Matriciano was founded by Luigi Colasanti, a native of Amatrice, Italy, (1890) who moved to Rome in 1911. Back in those days restaurants were few. The establishment started off as a wine shop where patrons could buy beverages, eat their own food or try regional specialties prepared by Giuseppe, Luigi’s son. The outbreak of war forced Giuseppe to leave what had turned into a reputable restaurant in the judicious hands of his wife Teresa.

The post-war years were a time of rebirth and Il Matriciano fit right in, becoming a cultural hub for artists and intellectuals.
The restaurant has maintained this role ever since, and remains one of the preferred venues for government officials, entertainers and international guests.

For the last 50 years Il Matriciano has been run by Alberto Colasanti and his sister Rosa. Alberto, who always remained faithful to his predecessors’ teachings, is an exceptional host: amiable and cordial, he approaches cuisine with pure passion and attention to detail.
Alberto’s daughters, Cristiana e Fiore, are also invaluable members of his team. They are always present, eager to continue the family tradition and proud to be part of a family that has been in the Roman restaurant business for over a century.

Our suppliers

Only Selected Ingredients.
We wouldn’t want it otherwise.

Salumificio Sano | Amatrice

The best Italian factory for the production of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Prosciutto Amatriciano and pork cheek. Located in Accumoli, in a lush valley between the Monti della Laga and the Monti Sibillini National Parks, in the central Appennines; the abundance of nature and traditions turned this land in the perfect environment for the production of prosciutto, cured meats and regional specialties.

Strada Statale Cassia Km. 41 – 01036 Nepi, Viterbo –

I Buonatavola Sini – Fulvi | Nepi

Our Pecorino Romano cheese”Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO) is, according to Il Gambero rosso, “one of the best on the market”. It is produced by I Buonatavola Sini with the Fulvi label, using only milk from sheep raised on the Lazio meadows.
Since the late 19th century the Fulvi brothers have mastered the art of salting, aging and distributing Pecorino Romano cheese produced by the shepherds of the Viterbo province and the rural areas surrounding the city of Rome. in the early 1900s they opened their own factory in Viterbo, and then started exporting their products in the United States.

Strada Statale Cassia Km. 41 – 01036 Nepi, Viterbo –

Macelleria Angelo Feroci | Rome

Founded in the early 1900s, gold-medal awardee at the London International Expo in 1924, medal winner at the Rome International Fair for “finest quality meats”.
Currently the store in one of the most renowned in Rome and has been proclaimed “Historical Shop of Excellence”.

Via della Maddalena, 15, 00186 Rome –

Pasticceria Cavalletti | Rome

Our Mille-feuille is prepared from scratch by hand using only natural ingredients by one of the top-5 pastry shops in Italy. Since 1951 Pasticceria Cavalletti makes its pastries according to the most ancient recipes and regional traditions. The shop has been awarded with prestigious awards by Il Gambero Rosso (4 oscars for “Quality and Courtesy”), Il Veronelli, Roma Conviene, Guida Rover, La Stampa and La Repubblica – Trovaroma.

Via Nemorense, 179/181, 00199 Rome –

Gelateria Ciampini | Rome

Since 1941 Ciampini has been one of the most successful artisanal creamers on the market. The perfectly balanced and unique flavors are the result of years of research and mastery handed down through four generations of ice cream makers. The lab still uses the old-fashioned vertical batch freezer for the finishing phases of preparation; the batch is extracted by hand from the machine under the vigilant expert eyes of the master creamer, who ensures superior quality of the final product. Ciampini utilizes only natural, fresh ingredients: organic milk, organic eggs, 70% of fresh fruit, and the best fresh cream; no artificial colorings or thickening agents, just carob bean gum used as a stabilizer.

Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 29, 00186 Rome –

Delfino Fruit and Vegetables | Monterosi

Locally sourced products cultivated using eco-friendly agriculture that values the abandoned land around Lake Bracciano. All production processes are aimed at sustaining eco-friendly agriculture, respecting biodiversity and are totally contrary to any agronomic practices that are harmful to the environment. This company has always worked in synergy with other organizations in the area, not only in recuperating and making the best use of abandoned land but also in the restoration of areas of architectural interest.

Pasta fresca Pica | Rome

Since 1950, this producer of hand-made, fresh pasta in Rome, has offered a rich assortment of home-produced egg pasta. It is available in a vast variety of types and shapes and is made with varying doughs and mixtures to satisfy all tastes and palates. For over 65 years spanning two generations, this family-run company has made fresh pasta, filled pasta and other traditional, regional Italian products. The finest craftsmanship goes into creating these products and this is all done in complete accordance with tradition.
Their expert staff is passionate about the art of pasta-making. Only top-quality flour and ingredients are chosen to be used in the superior dough which brings genuine and traditional Italian flavours to the table. The fresh spelt, wheat and wholewheat pasta, egg pasta and filled pasta are perfect for tasty and delicious recipes. Using an avantgarde facility, with latest generation machinery and processes, this company makes a wide range of products available for retail and wholesale distribution.

Pasta De Cecco | Fara San Martino

This pasta is rich in taste and flavour. It has been produced since 1886 at Fara San Martino, in Abruzzo, in the Majella mountains, including only durum wheat grains and using an exclusive low temperature, slow-drying method. An ancient tradition that has evolved through passion and attention to every single detail.

An elegant and refined venue

Our restaurant was completely redesigned in 2017 by the Giammetta Studio of Associated Architects, in collaboration with Massimiliano Fuksas. They have completed significant interior design projects and formats for top franchise networks such as Enel si, Tim, Wind, KiPoint, Telecom, Peroni, Comifar, Boccadamo.

Our elegant inside spaces are air-conditioned, with one in particular that is absolutely perfect for private events. In addition, we have a large outdoor area available.

Our services:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Disabled Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private space reservation
  • Children’s Menu
  • Home delivery service
  • Take-away service
  • Gluten-free options
  • Event organization service

Celebrate your special day with us

Il Matriciano will organize and manage your special event or party. We have a private room for small events of up to 15 participants: Fiore Colasanti will be delighted to set up and decorate using ideas and inspiration dedicated to rendering your event an exceptional affair.